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Following the UK Soul Chart success of her 2018 album 4am Angel, Gg releases the beautiful Kintsugi Heart album of 14 soulful, jazzy songs...written from the heart.

Gg is, as ever, the storyteller. Her lyrics and haunting melodies weaving stories of love and loss that are so relatable to the listener.

Mark Harold’s atmospheric production is enhanced by the fantastic musicians guesting on the album:

Kenny Wellington (trumpet), David Baptiste (sax), Brian Harris (guiter/sitar), Mike Goodman (guitar), Michael Grant (flute & sax), and

Andy Goodall (drums)

The album is a story of renewal, embracing the beauty in the broken.

The album includes 4 bonus tracks previously unreleased in CD format.

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4am Angel

Album now available for download

"Absolutely Love this album and can't stop playing it...Gg has a Beautiful voice and the production is awesome. Totally deserved to be No1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases Chart..."
Amazon customer review

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