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GiGi Harold is a fine singer, and this new album is creating quite a stir right now, so much so that it’s being rush-released. The album mixes smooth jazz and soul together perfectly, with an amazing line-up of musicians, including David Baptiste and Kenny Wellington (Light of the World). Every track on the album is well crafted with definitely no fillers. Don’t expect the same old soul/jazz thing here, this album isn’t afraid to take chances, and it pays off.

Gg - Who That Girl Is EP                           

Invisible Ink is the new vinyl release from Gg on 33Jazz Records.  It is a release inspired by Gg's observations on life,

feelings and her innate musicality... Click here to read the full review

Gg - Invisible Ink Limited Edition LP

Jazz In Europe

Miss Harold aka Gigi does it again… with a limited edition LP to be released on 33 Jazz Records late in January 2017.

Her vocals on the new album are multi-faceted, refreshing, meaningful... Click here to read the full review

Gg - Who That Girl Is EP

Sonic Soul

Modern soul tendencies, a decent dose of jazz, if necessary also with danceable pop content, form the basis for an overall sound image that is worth listening to more closely... Click here to read the full review

Gg - Who That Girl Is EP

'Who That Girl Is' is the debut EP from London soulstress Gigi Harold...The title track is a lazy, jazz meander with a neo-soul undertow. There's some sweet guitar work and some brief but lovely muted trumpet from guest player Kenny Wellington. 

... Click here to read the full review

Gg - Who That Girl Is EP

Gigi makes her long-awaited debut on 33 Jazz Records.

Gigi has made an EP and for those of us who have been listening to her music for some time, it is about time too. This short but perfectly bite-sized EP makes a great introduction to Gigi’s sumptuous vocal charms. 

The opening track Perfect Stranger is funky from the start with a devious bass riff hanging over the whispered voice telling us to ‘whisper a prayer’ which sets the tone for the track – a tale of longing, desire and stranger-danger. There is a tremor and depth to Gigi’s vocals which is captivating and the compelling bass riff combine with this to create a song which sticks in the mind. The sax of David Baptiste (Light of The World, Beggar and Co.) adds a delicious short but uncompromising solo to the middle section which makes the link between the story telling and the more orchestral second half of the song. Click to read more...


Click the image below to listen to JazzBitesRadio live interview with songwriters Gigi and Mark.


Gary Spence

Live interview on Mixcloud, Thursday 10th May 2018. Click below to listen now.


Spot-on collaborations with the mighty David Baptiste (sax, flute) and Kenny Wellington (trumpet), both from Light of the World and Beggar & coBritish jazz-funk heritage are just a few of the items on a perfect list of ingredients that make this a special debut EP!

I asked Gigi to tell me a little bit more about the concept, the ideas behind the mini album: “Who That Girl Is”  is about watching someone you love hold onto the threads of a broken relationship in the hope there will be a turnaround…but  meanwhile missing happiness. I like to try the write the words people find  hard to say… like some imagined conversations” – Gigi explains and it does make sense, one has to listen to the lyrics of the title track to be moved by the sadness that pours out onto the invisible music page, a little invisible poem. Click to read more...


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